5 reasons why prostitutes leave guys

Sep 02, 2019
5 reasons why prostitutes leave guys

Did your beloved prostitute leave you, or do you feel that your beloved is about to leave? This, of course, is very unpleasant, but sitting idly by is definitely not worth it. It is important to understand what exactly did not suit your girlfriend in a relationship and try to fix it. If you have already been abandoned, then you can try to return your beloved, promising her not to continue to make the same mistakes (and keep the promise).

The fair sex prefer perky and active guys. But boring and boring men repel them. If you read your beloved long notations, it is unlikely that she will stay with you for long.

It is also important to add drive and energy to the relationship. If your prostitute is not a homebody, then meet her - refuse to watch TV in the evening in favor of visiting a restaurant or a party. But even at home you can have fun, for example, playing computer games or cards together. Sometimes even a simple conversation about this and that can bring a lot of positive emotions, if it is fun and interesting.

Bad sex
Although it is believed that for girls sex is not as important as for guys, but a boring or unpleasant intimate life can destroy relationships in the bud. prostitutes value tenderness and attention in men, so you should become a gentle and considerate lover.

It also happens that a girl wants something unusual in bed. Do not refuse her this. But for your part, do not insist that she fulfill all your requirements in bed. Sometimes it takes time for a prostitute to be able to take a step towards the sexual desires of her partner.

Discuss each other’s wishes and bring them to life. Remember that a satisfied prostitute is a happy prostitute.

If a guy in a relationship puts himself in the first place and cares only about his needs, the prostitute will feel unnecessary and deprived. To not leave you, do not treat your beloved cold and detached. Even if you are a stale person by nature, try to find particles of tenderness in your heart and give them to your chosen one.

If you are interested in the mood of your beloved, take care of her and try to understand her, they will appreciate you and are unlikely to ever want to break off their relationship.

Dead end
Have you been dating for quite some time, but the relationship is not developing? Do you still spend time together, as before, chatting about trifles and not making serious joint plans? Then the prostitute may leave due to the fact that you are not doing anything to move to a new level, that is, you are not making her a marriage proposal.

For whatever reason you are abandoned, you should not tear your hair out and consider yourself a failure. If you succeed in returning your beloved, you are done, if not, draw the correct conclusions and in the following respects do not repeat your past mistakes.
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