Already married unbearable

Sep 02, 2019
Already married unbearable, or how to recognize the "problem" type of women

There is such a “type” of women who are in no way able to create at least any lasting relationship with a man. The most common reason for this is their excessive perseverance, and even some aggressiveness, in the desire to tie him to themselves. By this they simply scare away all possible candidates for the role of life partner.

For a man to create a trusting and strong relationship with this type of prostitute is very problematic for a number of reasons: here there is a very severe restriction on the freedom of the man himself, and an already prepared “schedule” of their future life together, which does not allow any deviations (for example, to such age to have a child, buy your own apartment, etc.).

You can identify this type of women using the following tips:

1. She quite often goes on dates, but her gentlemen endlessly change.

The stories of a prostitute’s previous relationship can tell a lot. If this is an endless series of short novels, short meetings and partings, between which there are practically no breaks, we can conclude that the prostitute is simply panicky afraid of loneliness and as a result is ready for any relationship, just not to be one ... And if the gentlemen are also very different from each other - this means that she herself does not know what kind of man she wants to see next to her.

If the prostitute herself cannot determine what her chosen one should be and is afraid to be alone for a long time, this is just the first sign of a “problem” type, to build healthy and strong relationships with which is very, very problematic.

2. All according to plan, or scheduled life.

In her life, literally everything was planned in advance: rest for the coming weekend, the color of her future dress, the name for the unborn child, and the like. The appeared candidate for husbands is also immediately “introduced” into her plans. Two weeks after meeting her, she confesses her love to you, three years later a dinner party with her parents is already planned, and there is a stone’s throw to the registry office ... Her plan does not include any hitches and pauses, it seems that time itself drives her. She always runs ahead of the engine, and the men simply “forgot” to ask his opinion on this matter, and thereby deprived them of the right to choose.

3. She has a lot of pets.

Of course, the very presence of a pet is not bad. But if their number begins to exceed a reasonable limit - this is a clear sign that a woman really lacks love and affection in life and with the help of her favorites she intensely compensates for this. Another important aspect - you should pay attention to what words she calls her pets. If this is a “son”, “daughter”, “children”, and he often calls himself “mom” - then with a high degree of probability it can be argued that this is the same representative of the “problem” type.

4. She tries to occupy as much space as possible in your life.

Quite often, such a prostitute, after several days of communication, begins to be actively interested in where and how you spend your time, she casually calls you several times during the working day to ask how you are doing and what you do. In general, for women this behavior is natural - they like to talk, share good news and are really sincerely interested in the affairs of a person who is pleasant to them. But there is one difference - this type of women in conversation usually focuses on your affairs, saying almost nothing about yourself (yes, most often they just have nothing to tell). Such communication over time begins to burden. If you felt too intrusive interest in your life, then you are most likely facing the same “problematic” type of prostitute.

5. Lack of personality.

At the very beginning of the relationship, it may even seem to you that you have literally found your soul mate. She shares all your views, interests, agrees with you in everything, it seems to you that you are “on the same wavelength”. But in reality it’s nothing more than a female trick to tie a man to himself - copying his gestures, words and flattering his vanity. Moreover, most often then it turns out that a person simply does not have either his own opinion or any own interests. And soon the relationship with such a prostitute will begin to be a burden, for who needs a dummy personality nearby?

Tips for a man.

How to end a relationship with a prostitute of this type?

When parting, take all the blame on yourself.

Do not try to provide a “plausible” pretext to leave — just interrupt your communication by saying that you are simply not ready for a serious relationship. Do not be alarmed if she will cry, beg not to leave or shout that you are a scoundrel. Just accept this and leave silently. It may seem that this measure is rather cruel and, of course, it is not suitable for all women, but in the case of a “problem” lady, sometimes this is the only suitable option. For her, any “specious” pretext may simply turn out to be not an “argument” and she will persecute you for a long time, trying to return the lost relationship
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