How to talk peacefully with a prostitute

Sep 02, 2019
How to talk peacefully with a prostitute: tips for men

Most couples want to achieve harmony and understanding. Often this is prevented by emotional quarrels and gender differences in the minds of partners. But there are some tips on how a man should behave with his prostitute in order to avoid or minimize all negative in a relationship.

“We need to talk” is a phrase that scares most men. But do not be so afraid of her, hide and leave the conversation. Often the conversation goes the wrong way simply because people do not know how to communicate. And it can be fixed.

Why is a prostitute asking a question?

It is simple and banal: a prostitute wants to get an answer to it. As soon as she feels discomfort or doesn’t understand something, she can start asking questions, and this is normal.

Usually, before a man comes up with a question, a prostitute does a lot of work in her head. And not often she herself is immediately ready to ask. The worst thing is if the prostitutes did not dare to talk for too long and have already thought up for themselves everything that the man does not even have enough imagination for. But if she nevertheless came for an answer - it must be given.

A man should not forget that while a prostitute asks questions, starts conversations and asks for something - she loves, needs him, and feels that there is a man nearby. If prostitutes are often silent - perhaps she perceives the man as a given, as a piece of furniture that performs some of its functions. And this is much worse than frequent scandals.

How can a man respond?

Some men quite calmly sit down at the negotiating table and conduct a conversation with their beloved. This is rare among the stronger sex, and prostitutes with such a partner are deeply lucky. Information for those who want to talk has a panic: in no case should one excuse themselves with the phrases “later,” “tired, come on tomorrow,” “not now, I’m in a hurry.” If there is room to rush, you need to set the exact time for the conversation and start it on time. The wording “darling, I’ll finish the report and come to you in 3 hours” is good. "You do not see, I’m busy, come on later" - bad.

What prostitutes can hear

After a “bad” phrase in the head of a prostitute there are many thoughts that will inevitably sooner or later lead to scandal. The prostitute’s logical chain will line up to the state “he doesn’t love me, it’s time to pick up the children and go to my mother” much faster than a man decides to talk. She will decide that he doesn’t give a damn about her, or, in the best case, that she’s temporarily been beaten on her feelings.

If the prostitutes already asked the question, and the man took the time “to think” - he simply inflamed her negative thoughts with his request. Now she, already previously worried about her question, is also worried about the speed of the answer, and for the answer itself. And even for the fact that he will not be given. By such behavior, a man himself adds fuel to the fire. Sometimes a question may seem silly, but it needs to be answered. prostitutes rarely ask for help if she can handle it herself.

What should a man do?

The situation in the family will depend more on the man. Yes, talking is not the most pleasant thing in a relationship. But you cannot do without them. When you don’t want to talk at all - you need to give the woman the feeling that her problem is very important, and she herself is loved and protected. So you can delay time and have time to collect your thoughts.

prostitutes are people too. And once a man chose this woman, it means that she understands him well enough and will be able to show patience and other positive qualities to wait. But in no case in a "suspended" state. Only clearly defined timelines will save you from scandal.
If a man said that he would be ready to answer on Saturday - even if he was at death, he was obliged to talk. Otherwise, his death is delayed by torture and torment. He should start the conversation himself, not allowing himself to be annoyed and raise his tone. Especially at the beginning. It’s even better to start a conversation a little earlier than promised. So nerve cells will survive more and no one will blame anyone for forgotten promises and extra tears.

If a prostitute winds herself up for too long, first she needs to be hugged and reassured. The logic of the prostitute is arranged differently. She is always able to see in everything only the worst option, even if she is optimistic in life.

A man must show that he values ​​relations and is imbued with a problem, even if at first glance he considers the topic nonsense. Before answering, it is useful to ask your beloved why she thought so, where this question came from and what else bothers her.

To summarize

A man is not required to respond, like a robot, immediately at the request of his beloved. But he must answer her questions. In addition, regardless of the topic of the conversation, it will not be superfluous to show all the warmth and all the good feelings that he has, so that the prostitutes feel loved and needed, and not useless hysteria. Any conversation is better to end with something pleasant, for example, eating cakes or sex, and start on a full stomach in
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