Popular anal sex toys

Sep 02, 2019
In search of new sensations and to diversify their intimate life, many modern couples practice non-traditional types of sex. Anal sex is fully related to them. There are many nerve endings near the anal area, so skillfully stimulating it can cause a lot of pleasant sensations - both in women and in men. So if the representative of the stronger sex is ready to receive a certain dose of pleasure, then he, too, can agree to anal penetration by the partner.

It is important to remember that to engage in anal sex with a swoop obviously will not work. Too delicate part of the body will participate in the process. In order for the anus to get used to the size of the male penis, the modern sex industry offers a wide range of intimate devices to expand this seemingly unsuitable part of the body.

Anal beads (beads)

For the first experience of anal penetration, anal balls (beads) are ideal. They are several balls of different diameters interconnected, ranging from the smallest to the largest. Such balls are usually made of silicone or other soft and flexible material. The chain has a ring at the end that serves to pull them out of the anus.

Balls, one after another, are slowly inserted into the anus until pleasant sensations appear. You can have sex directly with them, or you can pull out the balls, but you must do this slowly, without sudden movements.

Butt plug

The use of such sex toys requires certain skills and training. Butt plugs are conical in shape and expand closer to their base. The special shape helps the cork more easily penetrate the rectum. You can have sex with butt plug, or you can pull it out. In this case, the anus will still be stretched for some time in the shape of a cork, because after using such a plug the muscles of the anal sphincter will remain relaxed for some time.

Anal plugs come in many shapes and diameters. There are also combined corks with balls. Sexual partners who have reached certain heights in anal sex can use vibrating models. Beginners are advised to start sexual experiments with small butt plugs.

Anal Dilators

Fans of anal sex for intimate games are great anal expander. Its specific feature is the ability to change the diameter of the toy used depending on the air pump. The definite advantages of such a toy include the property of changing its diameter by means of a pear for pumping air (if desired or necessary) both upward and downward after the expander has been inserted into the rectum. Such sex toys in shape and function resemble butt plugs. Anus stimulation using an expander will help intimate partners experience new and more intense sensations.

Dildos & Vibrators

Dildo for anal sex will differ from the classic vaginal toy in size and diameter. Partners who have been practicing anal sex for a long time can use large simulators, but for beginners a small model is perfect.

A vibrator for anal sex can be used both to affect the male prostate, by introducing it into the anus, and to obtain sexual pleasure in women. Such sex toys can have additional functions in the form of stimulation of the perineum through vibration.

Safety precautions

To anal sex brought a lot of positive emotions, you must follow a few rules!

Before having sex of this kind, you need to clean the rectum to avoid incidents and unpleasant moments. This procedure will also help to leave to a certain degree of purity toys used during sexual contact.

By the way, for the purpose of personal hygiene and to suppress the spread of pathogens, anal sex toys must be washed with warm water and a soap solution every time after use. Using them for traditional sex is undesirable.

It is important to remember that for sexual games with such a delicate part of the human body, the use of special intimate lubricants is mandatory. They not only lubricate, but also have analgesic, relaxing, calming and deodorizing effects.
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