What do prostitutes want?

Sep 02, 2019
What do prostitutes want?

What do prostitutes want? It seems to many men that prostitutes are inconsistent in their desires: today they need one thing, and tomorrow it is another. Today she buys an expensive dress, and tomorrow declares that she does not suit her at all! "Women’s logic!" - Representatives of the "stronger sex" grumble displeasedly. So what do prostitutes really want?
Yes, prostitutes are more emotional, and their mood changes much more often than men. One word is enough to make her burst into tears, or one movement to make her laugh. Oh, these strange creatures! How to guess what they want the next moment? How to please them?
It is quite difficult to understand a woman (many of them often do not understand themselves), it will be much more correct to try to feel her. For a loving heart, this is not difficult at all!
All prostitutes, no matter how strong they are, want to feel protected. It is this feeling of security, first of all, that a prostitute expects from her man. Yes, it is the feeling of security that provides a woman with peace and spiritual harmony. Without him, she will not be able to fully feel loved, without him, she herself will not be able to love with all her heart.
How often men forget that “prostitutes love with ears!” Every prostitute is waiting for compliments. But do not understand it only literally! Of course, she will be pleased to hear from you that she is the most beautiful, that this dress suits her very well, that dinner was amazingly delicious. But for her it is no less important if you notice how comfortable it is in your apartment, what beautiful curtains you have on the windows and how easy it is to breathe after cleaning! Dear men! It is very important for women that you notice their daily domestic work, recognize that this is a difficult burden, be grateful for this work, and, whenever possible, help to cope with it.
Unfortunately, many men have become predictable. prostitutes really want to be surprised sometimes! Let your fantasy wake up! Surprise your lovers - make them enjoyable! Buy tickets to the theater, to the circus, to the concert, if you have not gone anywhere together for a long time. Or maybe, on the contrary, buy a subscription to the pool, if at the theater you do not miss a single premiere. The main thing is to do something unusual, be unpredictable, surprise her, make her such an offer, which she could not expect from you!
prostitutes are “talkative” creatures. The number of words spoken by a prostitute per minute can reach thousands. Few men can achieve a similar result! This female talkativeness is sometimes even annoying. But imagine that she would suddenly shut up. This will alert any caring man, because her silence is a clear alarm. What happened? Offended? Got sick? Something happened? Many men, upon hearing silence, subconsciously await the next stage - tears. What are prostitutes offended by? A man gets used to the sound of her voice, like the ticking of a wall clock, and over the years ceases to delve into the meaning of what the prostitute said. She is forced to repeat the same thing dozens of times so that he hears it. But he remains deaf! It is important for a woman that a man knows how to listen to her so that he can hear her. Perhaps he even heard what she wanted to say "between the lines." Dear men! If you understand what your prostitute wants, then you will not only make her happy, but you yourself will be a hundred times happier!
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