What every prostitute needs to know about sex

Sep 02, 2019
What every prostitute needs to know about sex

Each prostitute who has already reached adulthood and has begun to take the first steps in her sex life, as a rule, asks different questions about sex. Someone is interested in what is a multiple orgasm, someone wants to know what interesting poses for sex exist, someone is interested in role-playing games and wants to know more about this, well, and so on.

To get full satisfaction from sex, you need to study not only your body and the body of your partner, but also all issues related to intimacy.

7 facts about sex

Many couples, especially “advanced” in terms of sex, prefer to make love in unexpected places: in the kitchen, in the car, in the elevator, in the cabin of the Ferris wheel at a breathtaking height. But nothing can compare with making love in a soft and comfortable bed. Psychologists have proven that people experience the most vivid sensations when they have sex in bed on fresh bedding.
Often, prostitutes are embarrassed to make love in the light, because it seems to them that the partner will necessarily notice the excess fat at the waist or be horrified by the sight of too small breasts. But you need to understand that if a man has already reached the “bed” stage of relations with you, then he is ready for absolutely anything, and your pimples on the buttocks or wrinkles on the sides will definitely not scare him away.
In women’s magazines, you can often see articles that advise prostitutes on how to add romance to relationships. prostitutes are offered to arrange their beloved evenings with champagne and candles. To many, these tips seem vulgar, but in vain. In fact, a romantic evening can bring a lot of pleasant emotions to both partners. A man, having seen his chosen one in a beautiful dress and breathing in the aroma of essential oils, is likely to turn into a gallant and attentive lover, and you will get amazing sex, saturated with romance and tenderness.
Do not be afraid that you want a lot of sex. You do not need to think with horror that you have the so-called uterine rabies and your partner will consider you too lecherous. It has long been noticed that the more often a prostitute has sex, the more she is attracted to men. It is completely normal that after a couple of hours after a stormy sex you again want to be in the arms of a passionate man.
In each pair, sex is special. Do not listen to the revelations of girlfriends about their intimate life. Moreover, you should not be upset if someone somewhere can ten times a night, and your partner is not capable of such feats. Study your chosen one, look for ways to satisfy you personally, and you will not care what happens in bed.
Not all prostitutes can easily reach orgasm. If you encounter this problem, for a while just try to forget about it. Do not try to reach the peak of pleasure during lovemaking. The fact is that a female orgasm most often comes when the prostitute does not think about him at all. If, despite the efforts of a partner, you have been living without orgasms for a very long time, it makes sense to visit a good sexologist.
It’s okay if from time to time you want to engage in self-satisfaction. Masturbation allows you to relieve sexual tension when there is no partner nearby. Some use masturbation as an excitement before making love, caressing themselves in front of a partner.

And the last - in order to experience vivid sensations during sex, you need to fully trust the man with whom you decided to share the bed. An attentive and loving partner is the main condition in order to receive full sexual satisfaction.
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