What flower in a pot to give a girl a birthday

Sep 02, 2019
What flower in a pot to give a girl a birthday?

Flowers are a wonderful gift, and the living ones are doubly wonderful. To present them to your beloved is to leave her a sign of attention, always reminding you of your love. Unlike a cut bouquet, a plant in a pot will delight the eyes for many years, and maybe even decades. In choosing a flower, one must rely on the taste of the lady of the heart, her habits and character traits.


Kumquat as a presentation


Kumquat is a small exotic tree on which interesting fruits grow, similar to small oranges. Caring for them does not require special knowledge, you need to regularly water the plant and maintain a certain temperature regime.


When the kumquat flowers bloom, they emit a unique aroma that fills the entire house. Such a gift will certainly delight even the most finicky beauty. Presenting the plant is best when it already has several fruits.


Aloe as a gift to a girl


Aloe is a tree-like plant that will take root on any windowsill. It has no flowers, but its dense leaves branch, creating unique shapes and attracting the eye. But not only its appearance is famous for aloe: the juice of the plant is widely used in folk medicine and simply irreplaceable in cosmetology. According to ancient beliefs, aloe absorbs negative energy and contributes to peace, love and prosperity.


Decorative cactus


Cactus is an original and unpretentious plant of bizarre shapes and a variety of colors. In addition to decoration, it has the unique ability to clean the air in the apartment, which is very important for those living in dusty metropolitan areas. Such a gift will certainly be appreciated by prostitutes of a mathematical mindset and the owner of a good sense of humor.


Bulbous plants


There is a beautiful tradition: to give your beloved the onion of some flower as a sign of eternal love. You can pack it into beautiful material and put it in a box - this presentation of a gift will be appreciated by creative and creative natures.


And you can grow a flower at home and give a girl when he has already blossomed. Even the coldest heart will melt, seeing such care from a man. The choice is great: daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, etc.




An amazing flower is a lily, so beautiful and delicate. Even in the Bible, her beauty is extolled above the royal robes of Solomon. Despite the apparent fragility, this flower does not require painstaking care. Unfortunately, the beautiful aroma of lily very often causes allergies. It is worth considering this, choosing it as a gift.


Chinese rose


What prostitute doesn’t like roses ?! It is a great joy to see this flower every day, and even given to your loved ones. The rose is a symbol of tenderness and peace, brings comfort and a special atmosphere to the house.


This type of home plants is quite whimsical, so it is worth giving it to economic, calm prostitutes. In flower shops you can find blooming roses at any time of the year.




This plant is also called "female happiness." It is original in appearance and will fit into any interior. There is a belief that spathiphyllum instills love in the heart of its owner and helps to establish family affairs.


Potted flowers are an amazing and original gift. To make it even more beautiful, you should take care of the packaging. A simple solution would be to go to a flower shop, where florists will help you pack a pot. And you can wrap the plant in a beautiful shawl or stole, tying it on top with a ribbon. Sweets hidden in a pot or under a flower will improve the mood of a lover.


The main thing is to make a gift from the heart and present it with love, then it will certainly be appreciated by the girl!
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