Why do women pretend to be an orgasm?

Sep 02, 2019
Why do prostitutes pretend to be an orgasm?

If you believe the statistics, then a huge number of women simulate an orgasm. It should be noted that the simulation of orgasm can be used by prostitutes for various reasons, which, incidentally, not many men are aware of. Let’s look at the most common of these reasons.

1. So, according to statistics, the most common reason for prostitutes to simulate an orgasm is their reluctance to continue coitus. Thus, if a woman no longer wants to have sex, then she imitates an orgasm. It is no secret that many prostitutes enter into an intimate relationship precisely at the insistence of a partner who, after receiving an orgasm, often tries to please her woman with all her might. If the prostitute still does not get pleasure, then she wants to finish the act as soon as possible without offending the man.

2. The simulation of an orgasm of a large number of women is based on the unwillingness to offend their sexual partner. Very often, men worry because they were not able to bring their partner to orgasm. Because of this, a man may experience a set of losers and lack of courage in sex. How often a man tries with all his might to make a woman as pleasant as possible during sex, but he does not succeed for one reason or another. prostitutes, imitating an orgasm, thus reward men for their efforts. Naturally, they thereby increase the self-esteem of their beloved. By the way, this can negatively affect the relationship between a man and a woman, since one half of the union will constantly sacrifice itself for the other.

3. prostitutes are also afraid to seem frigid. There can be many reasons for the coldness of sex on the part of a prostitute. Sometimes these are mental injuries that could have been received a very long time ago. For example, if a woman has ever been accused of being too passive and cold in bed, then she can internally defend herself from repeating these charges, pretending to be an orgasm. In this case, the prostitute must visit a psychologist.

More than a third of women in Russia do not know what an orgasm is. As for the causes of this phenomenon, for the most part this is not a physical state, but an emotional one. Frequent simulation of orgasm is also a harmful phenomenon that can distance a woman from actually achieving great pleasure in intimate relationships.
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